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The Growth Motivators

Posted by Alembic Strategy on 11/10/21 13:35
Alembic Strategy

Motivational Maps are offered by Alembic as an accurate way to measure three clusters of motivation, through your own self-perception. Your perception of what motivates you is measured through three lenses – relationship, achievement and growth. Once you find what motivates you, the information provided by the map can help you to empower and increase your motivation, leading to an increase in your sense of energy, productivity and ability to fulfil your role.

In this article, we are focusing on the Growth motivators. Someone that has strong Growth motivators often want to be all they can be and realise their full potential. These motivators sit at the top of Maslow's hierarchy of needs. The three growth motivators involve change, those with growth motivators need more freedom, purpose and meaning. They tend to think about the future. However, this can be self-absorbing (as they are often looking to the future) so they can miss out on sustainable relationships as they take time before results occur.


Spirit by Alice Davies

Those with high Spirit are energised by a feeling of freedom and being in control of their own work. They do not necessarily want to lead, but it is important for them to be trusted to complete their tasks independently - and without micromanagement! 


Photo by Jonatan Pie on Unsplash

The Spirit motivator is about freedom and choice. Those with a high Spirit motivator can find energy and satisfaction from:

  • Working freely

  • Having a choice

  • Making their own decisions

  • Freedom and independence

  • Understanding of the big picture/wider vision

  • Clear targets and outcomes

If you are someone with a high Spirit motivator

If one or more of the statements above stands out for you, it is likely you find motivation from Spirit. Ask yourself if you think your Spirit motivator is satisfied - does your role involve a lot of what motivates you about Spirit? Would you like to do more of it? 

In order to improve the satisfaction of your Spirit motivator, and therefore your overall motivation level, you can:

  • Be given the opportunity to delegate tasks that do not motivate you

  • Be aware of the wider company vision and goals

  • Call out micro-management

  • Ask for more freedom and independence

  • Set yourself goals that are clear to you

If you manage someone with a high Spirit motivator

  • Empower them!

  • Give them more responsibility (if appropriate)

  • Ensure to not micromanage them!

  • Their career goals should be clear



Creator by Ben Grant

Creativity is a form of self-expression, and a powerful one at that. It’s a means of engaging with and contributing original ideas and new things.  


Photo by ConvertKit on Unsplash

Creators feel a need for creativity. There’s a surprise! They are motivated by innovation, and association between them and the output. They tend to want their name on the result, whether that’s a product or a service.  

If you’re a manager and someone in your team has Creator as one of their primary motivators, how can you motivate them? 

Well, the Creator wants originality, challenge, and recognition. They want to be challenged to come up with new ideas, and for their success in doing so to be recognised.  

Creators would feel motivated by being involved in business areas that would benefit from fresh input. They appreciate a challenge to do new things or do old things in a new way, so what areas of your business would benefit from fresh input and thought? Set your Creators loose in this area and see what they can come up with. Give them goals and objectives that specifically require creative application or original solutions to challenging problems. 

Putting them in a new area of the business will also be stimulating and motivating for them. To the Creator, routine means boring, and boring can lead to mistakes. Something fresh and new will be exciting, stoking the fires of motivation and passion inside them. In fact, it would likely be beneficial to have Creators involved in fresh initiatives regardless of the source, as they relish change and new things as it gives them an opportunity to exercise their creativity.  

Once they find a new method or product, make sure they receive recognition for their achievement. It needn’t be loud (although if they also have the Star motivator this may help!), but it should be there in some capacity.  

Is creativity a core value and competence in your business? It probably should be! Businesses thrive on innovation and creativity, so whether or not you have creator motivators in your team, placing value on creativity is likely to increase the level of success you enjoy.  

It can also be important to have a creatively stimulating environment – although this is admittedly more difficult if your team aren’t in the office all the time like they used to be. The brain can be stimulated by nature, music, and art. Shake your working environment up a little! If your team are in the office, put some art on the walls, and maybe a few plants as well. If you’re still working remotely, you can encourage your team to do this in the space they’re working in (although if they’re creators they may have done it already!).  

It can also be a good idea to simply ask them what would motivate them! Get them to come up with innovative ways to reward creativity and innovation. This appeals to their motivator, and can then be implemented to motivate them further!  


Searcher by Nick Mayhew

Today it is my pleasure to introduce you to the Searcher.  You will know many people motivated to make a difference and working in a purpose-led role or business:  these are the Searchers amongst us.


Photo by Izzy Gibson on Unsplash

Even these mission orientated people can lose their mojo, so here are my top tips for maintaining that energy and drive in your most purposeful people.


  1. Talk to them to understand what work they love most to do, what they are crying out for, and ensure their role contains it in spades.

  2. Help them create a personal mission statement that is simple and sincere and helps them express their work meaningfully.

  3. Give positive feedback about what they did and how it helped.

  4. Get positive feedback from customers about their work - knowing they made a difference will be motivating.

  5. Share the firm's values, find out their values, and bring their work into roles where these align.


  1. Leave them with equipment that is not fit for purpose, things that get in the way of purposeful work are very frustrating!

  2. Leave them with the routine or repetitive, Kafka-esq bureaucracy is not an optimal Searcher environment, although driving out waste in the process will be engaging.

  3. Forget to explain the aim and ultimate impact of their work.  Aimlessness is like pointless routine and one to avoid for the Searcher.

  4. Put them in a dark, bland, dull office.

  5. Ignore their purposeful activities outside of work.  Thoughtless timing of meetings that prevents them getting to that after work appointment will not be a minor inconvenience, because the Searcher is leading a purposeful life, so these activities can be as or more important than their job.

With Searchers, motivation is focused on achieving and building on purpose more than anything else, so if you can align their work with valued outcomes you will see a lot of loyalty and energy.


If you would like more information on how Motivational Maps can work for you and your team, take a look at our webpage or get in touch and we will be happy to help.


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Insights on the Growth motivators


In this article, the team explores the three motivators within the Growth cluster of motivation. Read on to find out how to boost your own motivation or the motivation of those you manage.

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