Do you have what it takes to work at Alembic?

If you want a challenge, and you have a strong interest in psychology, business, economics and leadership, then you should get in touch.

We are friendly, eager to learn and enjoy socialising, while also having a hard-working attitude and strong sense of professionalism. We are creative and encourage learning and personal development in everyone.

We work flexibly from home, with each other and with clients. Understanding technology, virtual working and other online tools is crucial, and you must have confidence to be able to present ideas or views clearly.

We love to have an open and honest discussion on any topic, we learn from each other and help improve everyone's ideas. A great sense of humour is essential, we like to be laid back and we like science, mystery and playing games.

These are the current available vacancies, send us your CV if anything interests you!

Looking for a role in consulting or executive coaching?

The jobs listed on this page may not suit your current CV, but if you feel you have what it takes to make a difference at Alembic, and are interested to join our growing consultancy practice, please get in touch and send your CV and we'll see if there's a role for you.