Family Businesses Face Unique Challenges

We know how meaningful it is for each team member to be heard and understood.

We find the root cause of any conflict and hold the challenge safely and impartially. We facilitate the collaborative and structured space where new patterns and relationships can grow. We help you to find a shared vision for the future that you are all passionate about and show you how you will get there.

Our combination of emotional and commercial support creates change across whole lives. We are flexible and responsive to your needs.

We offer a comprehensive range of consulting services for families who are in business together, covering family dynamics, board creation and dynamics, strategy creation, and related support services such as restructuring, rewards, M&A, and more.

Relational, Emotional, Embodied

  • Bringing next generations into leadership of family wealth and into the business
  • Leadership training for family and non-family team members
  • Self-development and career counselling for non-family team members
  • Coaching family and non-family directors


Strategic, Structured, Professional

  • Resolving deadlock and conflict
  • Creating a new family council
  • Reviewing and updating existing governance structures and practices
  • Restructuring board roles and responsibilities
  • Negotiating and mediating between shareholders and directors
  • Mergers and acquisitions deals, buy-outs, trade sales and share valuations
  • Changing operational structure, including reward and incentive schemes

Whatever comes up, we will slow down and help you deal with it. 


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“We have worked a lot on succession and how we transition to the next generation, us discovering ourselves, strengths, weaknesses and passions so that we can map out a better future that will work for us. We’ve done individual work and group work, business stuff where we’ve looked at problems, strategy, values, individual and group coaching. A lot of it has been working on relationships on a personal and a business level. It’s managing the cross-over between family and business partner relationships.”

Felicity mould

Director of People, Culture and Communications, ROMO


"OSiT has worked with Alembic for over three years, using the majority of their services. Time and again we find that when we need support, advice and professional services we are drawn back to them because of their professionalism, skill, and ability to find the spot that needs the attention amongst all the noise."


Managing Director, Office Space in Town


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