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Welcome to our suite of leadership diagnostics designed to empower you on your journey towards professional growth and success. Our comprehensive range of assessments focuses on key areas crucial for effective leadership and business excellence. By leveraging our diagnostics, you'll gain invaluable insights into your leadership style, business strategies, psychological flexibility, and the unique dynamics of family businesses.

Our diagnostics cover:

  1. Psychological Flexibility: Explore your ability to adapt to change, manage stress, and maintain resilience in dynamic business environments. Enhance your capacity to navigate challenges and lead with agility.
  2. Family Business Dynamics: Delve into the unique dynamics of family-owned businesses. Identify strategies for effective succession planning, conflict resolution, and fostering collaboration across generations.
  3. Leadership: Uncover your strengths and areas for development as a leader. Gain clarity on key elements of leadership success such as your leadership approach, communication style, and decision-making processes.
  4. Growth and Profit: Evaluate your business strategies and identify opportunities for sustainable growth and enhanced profitability. Understand the dynamics of your market and how to capitalise on emerging trends.

Upon completion of your diagnostic assessment, you'll receive a report highlighting key insights and actionable recommendations tailored to your specific needs. We encourage you to book a personalised consultation with our team of experts to delve deeper into your results and clarify any questions you may have to take a step towards leadership and business success.

Psychological Flexibility

How flexible or inflexible are you in relation to the things you value most in life? Take this quick survey to measure your own levels of flexibility. 

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Family Business

Families who work together in business are different from other teams. Everything is seen through the lens of the family and, particularly, family dynamics. Great family dynamics comes through high emotional and social intelligence and constant communication. Take our family business diagnostic to see how you score across these important aspects of family business.

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What are the fundamental attributes that set great leaders apart? Take this short survey to discover your leadership strengths and weaknesses.

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Growth and Profit

Are you struggling to prioritise your business issues and opportunities? Complete this 5-minute survey to show how you are performing across 12 key success factors.

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Investment Readiness

Are your systems and processes and your people capable of profitable growth under sound governance, does your business model work - is your business and team investor ready? Take this short diagnostic to identify how to improve your business' investment readiness levels.

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High Performing Teams

From culture, leadership, and direction to dynamics and decision-making, taking this simple test is the first step in improving your team’s performance and building a better operation.

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