The Alembic is a vessel of change

Change is happening to us all of the time. We can lead or we can follow; write the story or be written.

Are you writing your own story?

We work in partnership as you learn to write your story

We value:

  • Embodied abilities as the source of effective leadership

  • People’s ability to change things for themselves
  • A positive spirit and open communication 
  • Fun and being energised by our work
  • Creativity and quirkiness
  • Learning and growing through facing challenges and questioning ourselves
  • Providing useful and inspiring resources
  • Listening, clear speaking, trust and respect
  • Aligning  body and mind to create change
  • Cake and gin 

"Alembic Strategy has a really refreshing approach to strategy, leadership and change. Working with Alembic has been a different management consultancy experience and has really helped our leadership teams."

                                                                ANTHONY FRANCIS, MANAGING PARTNER, PELICAN CAPITAL


What makes us different?

Firstly, here are some things we don't do:

We don't write reports to tell you where things are going wrong - you probably know this already. Instead, we help you discover why things have gone wrong and how you can re-write the story and its conclusion.

We won't advise you that new IT will solve all your problems. People are at the heart of all situations; if technology tools are needed, it is people who will engage with them as solutions.

We won't take the default stance that the only way to improve your business is through cutting costs or increasing revenue; these are both the result of people and teams finding and working to their strengths.

We don't trot out the same process each time. Everything is tailored to your specific needs.

We help PEOPLE help companies


And here are things that we do:

We spend time with you, before engaging, to explore potential

We meet with you, and your most senior colleagues and influencers to discuss where you are now and where you want to be. 

In these first meetings we gain and share insight into how to change things, and get confirmation that you mean to change. Time at the start gives us both a chance to assess if the journey to come is one we should be on together.

It is important to find this out before we start, so this stage is free - that's right, it doesn't cost you anything while we get to know each other.

We believe you can, and must, solve your own problems

Our purpose is to help you, and each team member coming on the journey, to grow as you tackle your own challenges.  

It is by "doing" the uncomfortable things that we grow

In the process everyone will be learning new skills that will serve them in all aspects of life.

We take you on a journey of Discovery 

Once we are clear on commitment to change, the excitement begins, with your Discovery

Working through your strategic options in depth will bring to the fore all the big debates.  So now is the time to deal with all the hard issues too. 

Dropped ball, magic wand, dead catWe will help you pick up the Dropped Balls, bury the Dead Cats, use your Magic Wand to transform, and refill the Yin Jar with real  accountability, as you build a new strategic plan and renew your purpose together. 

At the end of Discovery, you will find you are strongly aligned around a new One Page Plan. We'll mark that big step by celebrating together and getting ready to kick-start the change! 

We'll stay with you as you implement, to counsel, guide and govern the process, and to help you get your team fully immersed and appropriately involved. 

People are not the same, so the process of change is a particularly tough one. As you move to engage the wider team, and start to develop a growth and performance culture, it is important that your guide has access to as wide a range of approaches as possible.  We use what works for the person.

One final thing about us: the mind and body

The mind doesn't work without the body, and the body doesn't work without the mind.  People have their rational, emotional, and instinctive sides.   

Being torn between competing goals is a major barrier to change for people and people based organisations. The mind or board may say yes, while the body or culture says no.  We use each to influence the other. Ultimately it is something deeper within us that makes a commitment to change.

Our practice is founded in experience gained through professional practice in working with the body to influence change through development of new habits and perspectives in leadership, and the neuroscience behind this informs our work.


"Nick and his team at Alembic have guided and facilitated transformational change at New River Holdings over recent months. The professional and sometimes hard advice has allowed the business to move towards sustainable growth with a clear and communicated vision of the future."

                                                                                                MATT EARLE, DIRECTOR, NEW RIVER HOLDINGS