Choose us because...
  • We will build real chemistry with you. We are direct and fun to work with.
  • Our service is pragmatic and designed to help you and your team respond yourselves.
  • Our approach is to be deeply immersed with you, and your leadership team.
  • You'll love the board level experience of our facilitators.

We are always happy to take a call, and everything is dealt with confidentially.

We have worked with Alembic for some years now. We have used them for counselling, executive training and enhancement, creating an executive academy and for just sound advice. There is not one discipline in which they have not excelled. We find that they differ from most of their industry through a relaxed and pragmatic approach to problems. Our family and business motto is “Confer and Triumph” and we do this more effectively with them rather than without.

CEO, Office Space in Town

Nick and his team at Alembic have guided and facilitated transformational change at New River Holdings over recent months. The professional and sometimes hard advice has allowed the business to move towards sustainable growth with a clear and communicated vision of the future.

Director, New River Holdings