What's Your Vision?

We Have Years of Experience Helping Founders and Their Management Teams Unite Around a Common, Inspiring Purpose

  • We take you through a process of Discovery and Transformation so that you can see how to implement change with the structure and resources you have.
  • Burying the dead cats can help you turn around high stakes relationships.
  • We identify specific issues that are preventing performance and address them practically.
  • We help you identify capability gaps that are frustrating you around team performance and help you with development and hiring.
  • We ensure that accountability will be put into place. 

Recent Work Has Included:

  • Facilitating an integration plan for the leaders of two merged businesses
  • Coaching chief executives and senior leaders
  • Helping organise effective decision making structures, with clear accountability
  • Building high performing leadership teams
  • Hiring new leaders to strengthen the board
  • Mediating conflict and negotiated new reward structures
  • Coaching future leaders through their leadership fundamentals courses
  • Mapped the motivations and created deeper understanding of this across teams
  • Diagnosed and fixed cultural issues to reduce turnover

We provide an unbiased holding space where ideas can be turned into a strategy and challenges into solutions.



"Alembic have delivered two strategic planning programmes for me; one to gee up a nervous and brecciated senior management team and another to provide middle management in what was a hitherto a vacuum. They have also provided very effective coaching for a number of key staff that has raised their efficacy and vision by a quantum leap. Nick has helped me develop a strategic medium term plan for the group."

Managing Director, Biopharma Process Systems


"Alembic deliver what they promise. They understand you and your business, and help you develop and deliver your strategic goals."

Founder and Managing Director, Mantle Estates


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