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Keeping Faith - Brexit and Leadership

Posted by Nicholas Mayhew on 10/10/18 18:18
Nicholas Mayhew


Creating and keeping faith in your strategic plans is fundamental; just ask Theresa May. Delivering change on the scale of Brexit, in the face of such strong differences of belief on both strategy and tactics, even from her own party faithful, may just be an impossible task. It is certainly impossible to please just about anybody. I guess that's why there are few candidates looking to lead in her shoes!

A couple of weekends ago, in the face of stonewalling and contempt from bureaucrats in Europe, our faith in the possibility of a deal declined and so did the pound.  Few of us are immune to the volatile noises in the media and the impact on confidence is obvious.

More positive noises from senior EU negotiators and an upbeat and less troubled conference speech by the Prime Minister, this weekend, and the faith changes. Hold your breath!

If we do find a way forwards in negotiations, the Government will need to build faith in the new agreement, and they must start to create this with a strategy for the UK. They seem to be only just starting to consider this now as the clock ticks relentlessly towards March 2019.  

Faith is vital at all stages of strategic change, from strategy formation to execution and inflection. When key participants lose faith they often start to look for the exit and things dissolve into dispute. Losing faith destroys momentum. 

The challenge of rediscovering it, if overcome, can create renewed momentum and success.  

Translating this into our own organisations is interesting. How do you create and keep faith in your leadership and strategy through the challenges, errors and accidents along the path of change?   

How do you personally keep faith with yourself, when sometimes you doubt your own abilities and performance?

Reflect on this as you watch these vital, and high pressure negotiations unfold.

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