Who you are and what you are struggling with


You are here because you are a manager or leader looking to improve your leadership. You want to take practical steps towards your leadership goals and learn skills and tools you can apply to the workplace straight away.

You want digital training, with the option of personal coaching.

You want to improve:

  • Confidence
  • Impactful presentations and speeches
  • Your ability to take on more complex challenges
  • Your sense of leadership mission and purpose
  • The commitment and motivation of your team

Whatever the leadership issue you are facing right now, our courses will help to get you on track.

What we do that can help:

Delivered by experts with genuine commercial experience in transforming leadership teams, businesses and performance with experience in founder led businesses, family business and private equity.

Alembic offers transformative online training courses for leaders. Whether you are at the start of your leadership journey, an experienced executive or in between. We believe the best way to learn is through doing. For each of our courses we encourage you to bring your learning immediately into practical experience, and feedback your outcome to your Alembic Guide.

We take you on a leadership journey:

Your journey will start with Leadership Fundamentals to build foundational skill or confirm and improve them, and end with Strategic Leadership to give you the advanced tools you need to become a strategic leader.

Throughout each course you will be supported by an Alembic Guide. They are expert facilitators who will support you on each of the modules and are on hand should you have any questions.

An introduction to our courses:

Leadership Fundamentals

Explore your own leadership competencies and gaps, and work towards creating your plan for your leadership.

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Leading People

This course is designed for current and aspiring leaders. You'll learn essential techniques and approaches to help you become a more effective leader.
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Leading Yourself

By understanding what drives you, you can begin to better understand what motivates your team.

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Leading Yourself - Alembic School

Our 'Leading Yourself' digital course not only gives you practical leadership tips, but also gives you tools to help you deal with emotional and relational difficulties for the rest of your life. We have designed this drip-fed course to fit around a busy schedule, allowing you to take the course in manageable, bitesized steps.

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7 Steps to a More Resilient You

An effective programme for leaders looking to build greater resilience for them and their teams. Our Resilience course gives you a range of methods that will help you refill that battery and keep it full.
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4-Step Problem Solving

The course is made up of a series of tools to help you methodically work through the real issues you're facing right now.

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"I have completed this course and can recommend. Highlights for me are the One Page Plan and personal feedback from the course instructor."


David Double



"If Nick Mayhew recommends this then I am definitely going to sign up. Resilience is how we emerge from this pandemic. Not just unscathed, but stronger for how we have adapted."


Rick Mounfield

CEO of The Security Institute


"What did the resilience course highlight to me? It is important to look after our physical and mental well-being. I am going to find at least 30 minutes a day to either go to the gym, read, listen to a podcast whilst on a walk or spend quality time with my friends and family."


Arantos Barhani

Marketing Assistant at Office Space in Town, completed our course '7 Steps to a More Resilient You'


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