We Can Help You Find the Perfect Fit for Your Team

We find candidates for leadership teams looking for a new CEO, CFO, COO or Chair. We provide a bespoke alternative to headhunting and recruitment services. Our approach has a few different key components that makes it a unique and meaningful way to find vital new team members.

We Make Sure It's the Right Fit for Everyone 

We conduct psychometric tests for the existing leadership team, as well as potential candidates. We are known by our existing clients for our deep knowledge of team dynamics, energy and goals. 

Something that looks good on paper doesn't always fit team chemistry in practice. We won't put forward the wrong candidate; if we feel like it won’t work, we will always say so. In our hands, you can be reassured that we will assess team chemistry and flag up any problems we have observed

We Have an In-Depth Interview Process

It's solid, detailed and thorough. We have put years of research into the method we use. We come at it from a strategic point of view, considering what’s needed to help your organisation. 

However, before we even start, we are looking beyond the appointment. We don’t think about it in isolation, we consider it in the context of the whole business. We help everyone to uncover purpose. When it comes to succession of leadership, it's about looking to the future success of everyone. 

We Support You From Start to Finish

We do not have a fire and forget mentality when we place people. We help with the integration of the new team member, offering support and guidance to the whole team. This entails a One Hundred Day Plan with coached support. We deeply understand the purpose of the recruitment because we’ve helped with the architecture of the strategy. 

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