If you run a successful, medium to large organisation, you will have challenges, and our business is designed to help you
We help people create and deliver strategies to solve problems in their organisation themselves.

Here's what we do:

Discovery a full strategic review
Covering owners/investors, markets, products and services, people, operational, technology, finance, business model, diversity, sustainability, succession.  Radical honesty about now.

Restructuring re-organising structure
People, roles and responsibilities, functions and teams to address change, and help people to find meaning and purpose.  Pragmatic approaches that work.

Governance accountability and oversight
For strategic change and regulatory compliance.  Asking for personal accountability.

Leadership Development the higher skills of leadership
Change academies, change teams, key hires.  Real learning with real projects.

Mergers & Acquisitions developing new ventures
Negotiating deals, corporate finance strategy and programme management, integration and project management.  Flexible deal management.

Coaching coaching leaders to help them be their best, and reconnect with purpose
Personal coaches, My Team CoachesPowerful support with performance.

Retreats learning in a new environment
Take your leadership team away somewhere beautiful and work on high level teamwork and leadership.  Deepening connection and understanding.

Alembic deliver what they promise. They understand you and your business, and help you develop and deliver your strategic goals.

Managing Director, Mantle Estates Ltd


  • A full strategic review, a new One Page Plan to define and control the change, an aligned leadership team, creating clarity, shared awareness, and collective commitment, a structure to address the change and to create accountability.
  • Created through research, one to one and group workshops, with all the key people.
  • Normally takes 6 weeks, valued from £20,000 subject to scale of organisations.

Radical honesty about NOW
Creative realism about WHERE
Alignment around HOW


Discovery helps with:

Growth, acquisitions, profit, digital transformation, change in market environment (regulation, disruption), your ambition, innovation, significant friction and any other serious problem or opportunity.


  • A review of the whole, or part of, the organisation's structure including all operational aspects at group, subsidiary, department or functional level.
  • We analyse skills, experience, motivation, psychometrics, culture, chemistry and performance levels.
  • Normally follows Discovery but can be standalone, 6 month's work, valued from £30,000.

Strategy is the WHAT and the WHY;
Structure is the HOW

Restructuring helps with:

Addressing new products, services, markets and environments more effectively, turning around performance levels, transforming culture, rejuvenating energy and momentum, re-invigorating teams, changing the business model.


  • A review of corporate governance and oversight functions.
  • Created through one to one discussions, group workshops, with expert advice and guidance.
  • Normally follows Discovery but can be standalone, 2 to 3 months work, valued from £18,000.

For leading together at the highest level

Governance helps with:

Regulatory compliance, effective oversight, strategic and major project implementation, crises or reputation management, board effectiveness.

Leadership development

  • Includes Leadership and Change academies, change teams and project management.
  • Showing your team members how to improve with real projects, supported by training and coaching, delivered inside real strategic change initiatives.
  • Usually at least a year's programme, but can be project based. Normally a retainer and valued from £50,000 per annum.


Leadership development helps with:

Moving from telling and asking your team for improvement to showing them how, engaging team members to drive results and change themselves, finding different leaders to help transform results, filling strategic leadership roles, changing performance in key functions.

Mergers and Acquisitions

  • We offer support with acquisition strategy, target identification, deal negotiation, programme management, adviser co-ordination, commercial and operational integration.
  • Retainer or project fee, discussed individually.

Mergers and Acquisitions
aligned with Strategy

Mergers and acquisitions help with:

Growth, market expansion, diversification, innovation, internationalisation, market penetration and business model change.


  • This is for ambitious leaders wanting to transform their performance and that of their team. We offer issue based and holistic coaching.
  • My Team Coach offers an outsourced expert coach for your organisation to coach leaders, internal coaches, and key teams. The coach operates on a day-by-day basis in a variety of contexts, to coach and feedback.
  • Individual coaching programmes are £1,075 per month for a minimum 6 month programme. Fees for issue based work are discussed individually.
  • Digital only coaching is available at a reduced rate of £770 per month.
  • My Team Coaches are £2,000 per day, with discounts available for bundles of days.

Whatever the BARRIER,
coaching helps you

Coaching helps with:

Providing independent, expert, challenging, but supportive resources for capable ambitious leaders to tackle virtually any issue.  It is a fabulous way to drive change. 

My Team Coach helps leaders, looking for a coaching culture, to raise the standards and levels of challenge around the organisation.  


  • Retreats bring your leadership team together, somewhere beautiful, to work through their toughest challenges.
  • Explore higher levels of teamwork and leadership practice, in an environment designed to enhance experience and heighten focus.
  • Fees discussed individually.

The YIN morning
The YANG afternoon
connects you with your POWER

Retreats help with:

Bringing siloed leaders together, developing higher level skills, deepening interpersonal understanding and commitment, creating virtual teams.

We have been using Nick and his team on various assignments and have been delighted with the feedback we have received and the help they have given our business. Alembic offer a wide range of consultancy and coaching services which are delivered by a strong team of dedicated, discrete and professional individuals and they are a perfect fit for a firm like ours.

Partner, ABG Group