Mindful leadership: lead yourself, lead others, learn to lead in step with others

Want to improve your impact and effectiveness? Want to lead more mindfully and develop your self-awareness, authenticity and consistency?

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We always starts with trust; which allows us to discuss with absolute honesty where you are right now.

Once this is clear, we help you align your beliefs and purpose with your leadership. This creates a stability from which to tackle any challenge.

Services can be contracted both corporately or personally, and can be arranged in person or by video meeting; just ask for details.

We offer an initial coaching session on a part paid basis to establish the chemistry and plan, and then expect clients to commit to a six month programme.

Clients can also purchase additional coaching and mentoring sessions separately, both face-to-face and digitally.


Coaching is an ideal way to help you be successful when you are in the thick of it.

It is typically presented as a challenge, forcing you to work through to understanding and change. Our coaches will however adapt to your needs and experience, and the issue you want to work on.

Independent coaching focusses on the most important challenges you have, and helps you find the right way to handle them, to think differently, and to achieve what you need to.

Whatever is stretching your ability right now, we can help you get on track.

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Mentoring is typically conceived as fast track, high level, one to one training, ideal for when you need to get ready or change fast to succeed.

Sometimes the best way we can help leaders is to offer independent guidance, to help them see things differently and offer alternative approaches, or to provide wise counsel on direction.

Our senior team are highly experienced executives, and offer exceptional mentoring.


Clients also appreciate our leadership and commercial contribution at board level (e.g. as non executive director, chair, or outsourced strategy director) to help guide strategy implementation or mentor key board members.

This allows us to provide intelligent challenge and support as issues arise, including help to sharpen up boardroom culture, practice and communications.

We are often used for corporate counselling to help resolve deep seated differences among the senior leadership team.

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Digital Coaching

This is the same as our face-to-face coaching programme, but takes place via a high-quality video call. This means you can still benefit from our coaching if you don't work in London, when you are travelling or when working from home.

Our digital coaching programme also gives you access to our online development platform, where you can chat to your coach and complete online courses set by your coach.

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Alembic have delivered two strategic planning programmes for me; one to gee up a nervous and brecciated senior management team and another to provide middle management in what was hitherto a vacuum. They have also provided very effective coaching for a number of key staff that has raised their efficacy and vision by a quantum leap. Nick has helped me develop a strategic medium term plan for the Group.

Managing Director, Biopharma Process Systems Ltd