Leading mindfully, leading together, creating teams that work, and a culture that smiles

You have a great organisation, and want to take it to the next level. You want to help your people to rise to their challenges and do better.

  • Firstly, we create radical honesty about now, and find the right starting point
  • Then, we help you research, design and agree strategies for change
  • Finally, we help you deliver with impact

Alembic deliver what they promise. They understand you and your business, and help you develop and deliver your strategic goals.

Managing Director, Mantle Estates Ltd

We facilitate

  • Leading mindfully
  • Building leadership teams
  • Leading together and board teamwork
  • Building improvement and change teams
  • Technology, profit, innovation, and culture projects
  • Growth and scale-up

We operate across multiple sectors, and offer a simple fee model to suit the pace you need.

Our unique approach helps you tackle your own challenges.

Interested? Get in touch or read on for more information.


The discovery is our foundation strategic planning service. We start with radical honesty about your current state as an organisation. Without clarity about where your feet are, you cannot step ahead confidently. 

We will facilitate a full commercial review of your organisation and its opportunities for improvement. It is done with you and your leadership team or key people, and is informed by initial research. Its purpose is to create a well thought through way forward that aligns everyone. We will take you through the hard conversations you need to get agreement on your shared purpose and plan.

The discovery informs your implementation strategies, and becomes the guiding map for your journey of change.

Accountability & Structure

Implementing change can be the most challenging aspect of strategy. The chances of change success are improved with a governing process that focusses purely on this aspect.

The board focus moves to getting things done, while not disrupting normal business, accountability for the change, developing the one page plan, your understanding, and your comfort with a wider range of options.

Leadership development

With your new strategy defined, you will want to get your people to respond, and thinking about changing things so that your organisational structure and purpose are re-aligned.

Our leadership development services will help you address the structural and cultural transition needed to take on the new challenges, while maintaining performance. 

Ask us about creating a leadership academy, projects for change, and our mix of online and face-to-face solutions.

Mergers and Aquisitions

Gaining access of new markets, resources and channels through corporate finance deals is an essential part of the growth tool-kit. We help define and implement acquisition plans, ensuring your strategic thinking is right, and the implementation covers both the deal and the organisational integration required for success.

We have been using Nick and his team on various assignments and have been delighted with the feedback we have received and the help they have given our business. Alembic offer a wide range of consultancy and coaching services which are delivered by a strong team of dedicated, discrete and professional individuals and they are a perfect fit for a firm like ours.

Partner, ABG Group