Who you are and what you are struggling with


As a senior member of a family business, you have probably come here because you are experiencing significant challenges.  Perhaps relationships are stretched, in conflict or broken.  You may need help getting agreement on strategy, and succession.

The business your family has built up over many years, and that you are all proud of, may well be suffering because of this.

You may have a new generation coming into the business.  Perhaps they have already started.  You want to make sure they have the best of what a family business can offer, and to develop them to become leaders.

Successful family businesses can be wonderful, but they have unique challenges due to the crossover from family to work, the impact of money, and the tension of generational succession, which are hard to experience and difficult to solve. 

They can all be solved.  Family businesses have been supported for many years by Alembic, through every aspect of change and improvement.

What we do that can help

We take the time at the outset to be available to all key family members, to listen and to hear what is happening and build trust with everyone. 

We have a unique combination of experience in family psychology, in business, governance and in buying and selling business. 

When you bring your individual stories together with our experience we are able to find a way to help that addresses your specific needs and works in your complicated environment.

Just this year we have been working with other families on the following matters:

  • Resolving deadlock and conflict
  • Creating a new family council
  • Restructuring board roles and responsibilities
  • Coaching family directors to help them improve their performance as leaders and their relationships with one another
  • Negotiating and mediating between shareholders, directors
  • Mergers and acquisitions deals, buy-outs and trade sales, share valuations
  • Changing operational structure, including reward and incentive schemes
  • Bringing next generations into leadership of family wealth and into the business
  • Leadership training for family and non-family team members
  • Self-development and career counselling for non team family members
  • Psychotherapy

Facilitation and coaching are informed by commercial experience and psychological, business and accounting expertise. We also build and assess leadership teams for private equity clients, and act for a wide range of non-family businesses in the private sector.

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"Nick and his team at Alembic have guided and facilitated transformational change at New River Holdings over recent months. The professional and sometimes hard advice has allowed the business to move towards sustainable growth with a clear and communicated vision of the future."


Director, New River Holdings Ltd


"OSiT has worked with Alembic for over three years, using the majority of their services. Time and again we find that when we need support, advice and professional services we are drawn back to them because of their professionalism, skill, and ability to find the spot that needs the attention amongst all the noise."


Managing Director, Office Space in Town


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