Our fundraising events for our chosen children's mental health charity, Place2Be

 This page will be updated regularly with details of our upcoming fundraising events. 

Royal Parks Half Marathon

jogging-4211946_640Sunday 13th October

Alice, Nick and Roseanna are taking part in the Royal Parks Half Marathon in October in support of Place2Be. They've been training for months and there has been visible improvement!


This will be Alice's first long distance event!

You can come along on the day to cheer us and the other runners on. You can send us inspirational messages. Alternatively, you can donate money to Place2Be via our Virgin Money Giving page.

We would be grateful for any support you can give us!

Alembic Strategy fundraising page

To make a donation, please visit our Virgin Money Giving page:


Why Alembic are supporting Place2Be:


"I was bullied at school and didn't have a Place2Be, I wish I had."

- Nick


"I hope for a society where we can talk about our mental health without stigma. I’m so pleased to support Place2be who do an amazing job in schools to help children with being aware of their mental health and support them through difficulties."

- Roseanna


"In recent years, mental health has played a large role in my life. My own mental well-being has been a challenge as I have transitioned into adult life, but most importantly I have seen the effect that poor mental health has had on my friends and family. That is why the work that Place2Be does is important to me. The more we can teach children about mental health, well-being and good practices to have, the better their future" 

- Anna 


 "As someone who has seen first-hand the impact mental illness can have on a young person's life, I think that Place2Be is an amazing charity. Its scary to think that 1 in 4 people will experience some kind of mental health issues at some point each year, a large portion of this being children and young people. I think it is so important to let 'kids be kids', they should have their childhood, and we should equip them with the vital tools to help the next generation which Place2Be provides." 

- Alice